DT40 DT40 Genome
The genome sequence of the chicken DT40 bursal lymphoma cell line

Genome build: 1.0


Genome build: 1.0
Genome build date: 07/31/14
Downloads: 1102
Blast searches: 1792
Visitors: 25662

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About the DT40 genome sequence

The wild type DT40 stock chosen for sequencing was originally sourced from the Institute of Animal Health (WT-IAH) and has been extensively used in the Sale laboratory (MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK) Genomic DNA from a single cell clone of this stock was sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq2000 instrument. 6.35x10e9 100 base pair reads were obtained with paired end sequencing, of which 92.8% could be aligned to the Galgal4.73 reference genome. 5.950x10e10 base pairs were mapped over the 1.072x10e9 base pair reference genome at 55x overall mean coverage. The mean insert size of the pairs is 353.

A de novo assembly was performed to aid the search for sequences not present in the reference genome. The assembly covers 9.986x10e8 bp with scaffolds over 500 bp at an N50 value of 28885 bp.

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